Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Where to get a Scoby in NZ

I am often asked where to obtain a scoby.  A few people will have friends or family who can supply them with a healthy new scoby from the natural growth on their brew.  However most of us must buy them.

Trademe is the most reliable source and the sellers there seem to be responsible traders who take care to supply good healthy scobies and post them so they aren't damaged in transit.  Expect to pay around $10 to $20 for a scoby and some kombucha starter.   Delivery costs extra of course.

You are looking for a nice fresh scoby - pale and fat and fresh smelling kombucha liquid to use as a starter/acidifier.

There is also a Facebook group called 'Fermenting Freaks Forever! New Zealand' who sometimes have spare scobies to sell or share.

Don't be tempted to buy any powdered kombucha maker - it doesn't grow a scoby - it's just a dehydrated drink mix and won't have the health benefits of properly brewed/fermented kombucha.

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