Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mould or Mold on Kombucha Scoby - What to do

So you've noticed some funny looking growths on your scoby - what to do? 
Firstly establish that it is mould - or mold.  Mould is blue/grey and hairy - very fine little hairs and it usually grows in circular blobs.  If it is mould then there is nothing for it but to throw the scoby and the liquid out.  Be ruthless!  I have never been able to wash the scoby and start with a fresh brew - it ALWAYS makes foul tasting kombucha - so be brave and throw the mouldy scoby out into the compost where it can do some good.

However do be sure it is mould - scobies do not always grow perfectly and there can be all sorts of interesting formations on top of the scoby - but they won't be blue and hairy :-)

For insurance against losing your scoby like this - keep a spare scoby in a little kombucha tea in the fridge or even the freezer.  When you use this the brew maybe a little slower than usual while the scoby recovers from its suspended animation. :-)

Also if you've had this happen it maybe a seasonal thing so for the next brew or two dunk the scoby down under the tea every couple of days and the acidic tea will kill off any baby mould spores.  Do this with a very clean spoon.

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