Friday, November 13, 2015

Green Tea Kombucha - the champagne of kombuchas

Kombucha made with green tea is a lighter more delicate version of the usual kombucha made with everyday black tea. It is not as tart and the colour is more like a lager.

However it has one downside and that is that it doesn't grow the scoby/mushroom quite as vigorously as black tea does. Your scoby will come to no harm for a few brews; but if you are concerned then the best way is to use a secondary scoby - keeping the mother for the usual black tea ferment,

Green tea kombucha may be more pleasant for your children or folk who haven't got used to the tartness of black tea kombucha. Green tea kombucha is a very pleasant way to introduce newbies to drinking kombucha.

The picture shows black tea kombucha on the left and green tea kombucha on the right.

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